eWallet 电子钱包 | 你必须知道的大马电子钱包 | eWallet Malaysia you must know | 2020

在马来西亚有很多电子钱包。可是目前为止有三家电子钱包暂时在市场处于领先的地位。 这就是Boost,GrabPay,Touch ‘n Go。



There are many e-wallets in Malaysia. But so far, there are three electronic wallets that are temporarily leading the market. This is Boost, GrabPay, Touch’n Go.

What do you know about these three e-wallets? In this video, I will introduce you to the functions and background of these three e-wallets.

If the government provides an e-wallet of RM50. Which e-wallet will you choose to obtain? why? You can share it with me in the comments below. Thank you.

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